Review Policy

Thank you for visiting my blog for reviews!!  I would be more than happy to accept reviews, especially eBooks and NetGalley.  I don't have a problem with reviewing print books, but I should probably keep that to a minimum, especially since the name of my blog is eBook Addict.  I would be honored and would love to do guest posts and interviews!! You can find my rating system on the home page.

I literally will read ALMOST any genre, especially (to name a few):

Historical Romance
New Adult
Women's Fiction
As a writer, I tend to look at things A LOT differently than most people look at them, and I critique the littlest of things, but I will try my hardest to not do that here.  I know how much work goes into putting your heart and soul into your writing, and then have someone completely hate or try to change it, so I will not do that.  My reviews will be very honest, but not harsh to where it'll completely disrespect someone's work of art!!

**If I begin to read your novel and it doesn't appeal to me, I'll notify you by email and instead of giving you a bad review, I'd offer you another spot i.e. guest post, interview, or an excerpt to provide me to post on here. Just because it doesn't appeal to me, doesn't mean others won't love it!!**

If you have any questions or books you'd like me to review, feel free to email me at:  theAAUprincess09(at)hotmail(dot)com!!

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