Monday, February 11, 2013

Review: Becoming Mrs. Walsh

Title:  Becoming Mrs. Walsh
Author:  Jessica Gordon
Genre:  Women's Fiction
Publisher:  Jessica Gordon
Release Date:  October 9, 2012
File Size/Pages:  467 KB/279 pgs
Source:  CLP Blog Tours

Challenge:  A-Z Challenge; eBook Challenge

My Rating:  5/5

Summary:  Shoshana Thompson is 26 years old, miles from home, and engaged to be married into one of Washington D.C.'s wealthiest families. Andrew Walsh, her fiancé, is Shoshana's vision of the perfect man. Throughout their engagement, she becomes enamored with his privileged lifestyle. While Shoshana navigates the tricky world of in-laws and societal wedding planning, she desperately tries to ignore her growing feelings for another man. She knows that exploring this love will threaten her existence as a Walsh. But, when she discovers the feelings may not be one-sided, she knows things are about to get a lot more complicated, especially because this man is absolutely off-limits. Becoming Mrs. Walsh is a story of relationships and the richly layered complexity of family, in-laws, and love.

Review:  Shoshana Thompson, the main character, is about to embark on a new journey; marrying into one of Washington D.C.'s wealthiest families. Not only is Sho getting married to Drew Walsh, her fiance, but she's also marrying his family as well, so to speak. In the beginning of the novel, where we meet Sho's soon to be sisters-in-law, Zoey, Rachel, and Ariel, I had no clue what to expect. The movie Mean Girls automatically came to mind, but these ladies were far from that. On top of balancing an engagement, she has to balance her job, keeping up with the Walshes, and her growing feelings for another man. Now I don't want to give too much of the plot away, but I was thrilled, shocked, and sort of secretly rooting for them all at the same time. I literally had no clue how the story would end, and when it was over, I kept searching for more pages that weren't there. I'm crossing my fingers for a sequel!! Overall, I enjoyed this novel and Sho's journey. Although she's some years older than me and closer to marriage than I am, I found her character totally relatable. Do I think Sho made the right decision? Hopefully we'll find out in a sequel, but I think her decision was wise. I have no clue how I'd handle a situation like that! This is by far one of the BEST books of 2013. This is definitely one of those "STOP EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING AND PURCHASE THIS BOOK NOW" novels!!


Unknown said...

I loved this book too!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Josie Ann! I am so happy that you enjoyed the book!

:) Jessica

StephTheBookworm said...

Yup, this sounds AWESOME!

Carole said...

Josie, thanks for linking this one in to Books You Loved. Cheers

Josie Ann said...

Steph, it's definitely AWESOME and JUICY. This is a MUST read!! :)

Brooke said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Stopping by from Carole's Chatter.