Saturday, December 17, 2011

Review: Cinderella Geek

Title:  Cinderella Geek
Author:  K. Sean Jennkrist
Genre:  Children's (Grades 7 and up)
Publisher:  CreateSpace (print version)
Release date:  April 15, 2011 (print version)
File size/Pages:  205 kb/187 pages
Source:  Bought

My Rating:  4/5

Summary:  (courtesy of Amazon) Sixteen and a geek.  Delores Chimayo wants cross over to the other side.  Pretty, popular, and a social success is everything she's not.  And now she has a plan, ten steps to gain stardom and erase geekdom.  But even the best made plans can take some disastrous turns and come out in a way never expected…

Review:  I absolutely loved this book; I thought it was a very cute story, and even though it was supposed to be based on the whole "Cinderella" storyline, I found it to be very different.  Delores "Deedee" Chimayo is known for being shy and very unpopular, so she comes up with a plan to make herself more popular.  She lists ten different steps that she wants to complete, and she does not allow herself to skip any steps.  When her list goes awry,  goes back to being her new old self.  I was actually rooting for Delores the entire time I was reading the book; I felt sorry that her step-mother was always on her case, her sister was younger than her and technically more popular than her.  I loved the fact that her grandmother and her aunt were always by her side; her father was there for her too, but about as close as someone can be for you while they are working in Ecuador.  Even though this book was great, I kind of wished there was more to the ending; one of the major shockers in the story (which I will not reveal), I wished Jennkrist would've touched on more.

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