Sunday, May 19, 2013

Novel Spotlight: Taste of Insanity by Morenike'

Women are often seen as soft, delicate creatures but what happens when they are plagued with tragedy? They survive; no matter what. Taste of Insanity by Morenike' tells the powerful & intriguing story of what happens when women are at their wits end. Follow as Egypt, Blakely, & Andrea are admitted to the Rosa Lee Institution for Women & Children after their strength is tested & their demons exposed. Every woman comes to a breaking point; have you reached yours yet? Do you know what crazy tastes like?

Author's Bio
Morenike` is a native of Jackson, Mississippi. She attended Provine High School and graduated from Jackson State University with a Bachelor's in English. Continuing her education, Morenike’ is currently a graduate student at Jackson State University pursuing a M.A. in English. Morenike’ has been writing short stories and poems since she was a young girl in elementary school. Her passion for reading and writing stemmed from her early introduction to reading from her parents. She states that, "reading was very important in my home, my parents’ relationship started from the discussion of a book, reading created my family." Her goals are to one day become a world-renowned novelist, focusing on African American Fiction, poems, and short stories that reflect the African American community. Her latest work includes the poem and short film, "Shoeicide" and the anticipated release of her debut novel, "Taste of Insanity" from La Femme Fatale Publishing. Morenike' can be contacted at or connect with her at

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