Friday, October 25, 2013

Review: Shot Through the Heart by D'Ann Lindun

Title:  Shot Through the Heart
Author:  D'Ann Lindun
Genre:  Romantic Suspense/Western
Publisher:  Crimson Romance
Release Date:  August 20, 2012
File Size/Pages:  324 KB/160 pgs
Source:  D'Ann Lindun

My Rating:  4/5

Summary:  When Laramie Porter’s sister-in-law Julie is beaten so badly by her husband she miscarries her baby, Laramie takes her home from the hospital. But just a few minutes after the women arrive home, Julie’s husband, who also happens to be a drug addict and the local police sheriff, shows up at the house on a murderous rampage. He kills Julie and attempts to murder Laramie. When he doesn’t succeed, he hauls them into the mountains and throws them off a cliff. Julie’s body lands in a pond, but Laramie hits a ledge, where she perches, terrified. Derrick Garrison is in the mountains moving his cattle when his dog finds Julie’s body in the pond. Creeped out, Derrick at first doesn’t believe his ears when he hears a girl crying for help. But he finds Laramie and pulls her to safety. Before she can tell him anything, a lightning strike starts a forest fire and they flee to a hidden valley. Fleeing a drug hazed killer, the fire, and a gun-toting old lady bent on collecting a reward, Laramie and Derrick do their best to evade all three . . . and fall in love along the way.

Review:  I received this novel from the author, D'Ann Lindun, in exchange for my honest opinion, and I enjoyed it! The story begins with Laramie's arrival to the hospital to visit her best friend/sister-in-law, Julie. At the hospital, Julie admits to Laramie that Lawrence, Laramie's brother, put her there. A while later, Lawrence kills Julie and becomes obsessed with wanting to kill his sister. Along the way, Laramie meets a guy named Derrick. Derrick is a handsome cowboy that protects Laramie from Lawrence. This was my first time reading a western, suspense type book, but I liked it. Although some parts seemed a little slow, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

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