Sunday, July 6, 2014

Review: Girl Over the Edge by Amy Kinzer

Title:  Girl Over the Edge
Author:  Amy Kinzer
Genre:  Young Adult
Publisher:  n/a
Release Date:  July 31, 2011
File Size/Pages:  291 KB/194 pgs
Source:  Bought

My Rating:  2/5

Summary:  It started with a bad decision and ended with an obsession.

Seventeen-year-old best friends Beckett Smith and Chloe Baker can’t shake their reputations after taking risqué photos at a college party. The pictures are distributed to the North Lake High School student body sending the best friends to the bottom rung of the social ladder right before senior year. When Beckett and Chloe return to school, they find themselves ill prepared for the harassment and bullying that follows.

Beckett has an easier time being reaccepted than Chloe. And she’ll do anything to be part of her old clique and to get a second chance at a relationship with her ex-boyfriend, star running back Kale Fenton. But Beckett’s attempts at a normal senior year are at odds with Chloe’s increasingly anti-social behavior. As Chloe’s life spirals out of control she becomes obsessed with the Aurora Bridge in Seattle, also known as Suicide Bridge, a place known for the jumpers. And after everyone’s abandoned Chloe, Beckett is the one person who can prevent Chloe from making the jump.

GIRL OVER THE EDGE is a novel about best friends, damaged relationships, and the help that sometimes comes from unexpected places.

Review:  I bought this novel back in 2012, so when I finally got the chance to read it, I was more than thrilled, but then I was let down immensely. The novel begins with two girls, Beckett Smith and Chloe Baker, at the Aurora Bridge, talking about an event that has taken place before the novel started. Honestly, I think I would've enjoyed this novel a lot more if it was told from both Beckett and Chloe's point-of-view, but it wasn't. It was only told from Beckett's point-of-view. Also, I didn't really connect with any of the characters. I'm not sure if this was because of the characters or the way the story was told. Overall, I wasn't really a fan of this novel, however, I do think that this novel could help a lot of young people who is struggling with being accepted and is considering suicide...this novel teaches you that there is never a reason to go to that extreme, and I absolutely loved that aspect about this novel.

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