Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: The Queen Bee of Bridgeton

Title:  The Queen Bee of Bridgeton (Dancing Dream #1)
Author:  Leslie DuBois
Genre: Young Adult; Romance
Publisher:  Little Prince Publishing
Release date:  March 9, 2011
File Size/Pages:  289 kb/164 pages
Source:  Bought

My Rating:  4/5

Summary:  When fifteen-year-old Sonya Garrison is accepted into the prestigious Bridgeton Academy, she soon discovers that rich girls are just as dangerous as the thugs in her home of Venton Heights. Maybe more so. After catching the eye of the star, white basketball player and unwittingly becoming the most popular girl in school, she earns the hatred of the three most ruthless and vindictive girls at Bridgeton. Can she defeat the reigning high school royalty? Or will they succeed in ruining her lifelong dream of becoming a world class dancer?

Review:  Sonya Garrison has been in love with dancing since she was a little girl, and I think her hard work shows throughout the book.  She and her sister, Sasha, attend a fancy school called Bridgeton Academy.  Sonya is an amazing character; she is shy, strong willed, and she gets this sudden courage of not letting anyone get in her way.  The bond between Sonya and Sasha is very nurturing, so it was kind of shocking to see how things turned out for them in the end.  I love how things turned out for Sonya and Will, the basketball player.  Although, Sonya and Sasha come from the same background, they are very different; Sonya was informed by Sasha that no one from Bridgeton High was allowed to know about them living in Venton Heights, which is basically a poor neighborhood with gangs, cockroaches, and gunshots.  I did like this book, but it started off slow; it took me awhile to get into it, but once I did get into it, I was absolutely in love with it.  Once again, Leslie DuBois has outdone herself with outstanding characters, an amazing plot, and I cannot wait to read the next book in this series.

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