Monday, December 19, 2011

Review: Holiday Rush

Title:  Holiday Rush
Author:  Lisa Scott
Genre:  Romance; Chick Lit; Christmas
Publisher:  Unknown
Release date:  November 2, 2011
File Size/Pages:  222 kb/48 pages
Source:  Bought

My Rating:  4/5

Summary:  A Black Friday shopping-trip-gone-wrong loses Lindy her job, her guy, and her dignity. Then it gets worse—she has no choice but to take a job she loathes. But there’s one bonus in the deal: a seriously hot boss who might help her feel that holiday rush again.

Review:  Holiday Rush is a one of the five short stories that were included in Lisa Scott's Holiday Flirts!  5 Romantic Short Stories.  Lindy, the main character, works at an expensive clothing store, and has an obsession with expensive clothes also even though her budget can't really afford it.  On her way to a blind date, she stops at a discount store to buy some tights and gets locked in the dressing room.  Although through Lindy's eyes it seems like her life is over after losing her job and dignity, things end up working out in her favor BIG TIME.  I enjoyed this story, in the end, but it started off very slow.  I also wished it could've been a little bit longer so I'd know more to the story, but I guess the point of a short story is that you're supposed to infer what wasn't said after the book is over.

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