Sunday, January 1, 2012

Review: The Cinderella Curse

Title:  The Cinderella Curse
Author:  J.L. Penn
Genre:  Romance; Chick Lit; Fantasy
Publisher:  n/a
Release date:  March 15, 2010
File size/Pages:  98 kb/62 pgs
Source:  Bought

My Rating:  3/5

Summary:  Cindy had a fairy tale life – well, not literally – but she was pretty and popular. Then one fateful autumn day, while picking apples, she encountered a real-life witch. After accidentally clocking the witch on the head with her basket of apples, the angry witch put a spell on her. As Cindy would soon find out, she was destined to live out her nights turning into a pumpkin at midnight. Talk about a crimp in your social life!  There is only one antidote for Cindy’s terrible curse - if only she knew what it was. Hilarity ensues as Cindy attempts to lead a normal life as a part-time pumpkin.

Review:  Cindy, the main character of this story, is described as pretty, popular, and she has a great job.  One day, Cindy is getting apples from an orchard and runs into a witch; after dropping her basket on the witch's head, the witch puts a curse on Cindy.  Lexi, Cindy's best friend, is the main person who helps her through her "pumpkin nights".  This book was short, simple, and really cute.  I had been waiting to purchase this book, since I downloaded my Kindle app, and I finally got it…I was pretty excited.  Don't get me wrong, I love fairy tales and all, but this didn't strike me as the Cinderella type story; sure Cinderella in the fairy tale we all grew up knowing was described, beautiful, but she wasn't popular.  In my opinion, I felt like Cindy pretty much had it made for her, besides morphing into a pumpkin at midnight, every night.  The situations that Cindy would get herself into right before she turned into a pumpkin was hilarious to me.  If there was one thing I would change about this story, it would definitely be the characters; in my opinion, I felt like the characters weren't developed enough.  Overall, though, it was an okay book!!

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