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Author Interview with Samantha March

I'm ecstatic that I was able to finally read and review Samantha's novel, "Destined to Fail" and I'm even more ecstatic that I was able to cross paths with her; she is so kind, helpful, and by far one of the greatest people I've chatted with since I've started my blog.  She has truly been an inspiration, and now you can get to know the incredible woman behind the "Destined to Fail" and her booming blog, Chick Lit Plus.

Q. What inspired the plot for "Destined to Fail"?

There is a lot of my life in the book, generally before Jasmine goes off to college. I was abused both sexually and physically as a girl, and I really held out to the hope that someday I would get to help others that went through what I had. It really was one of the few thoughts that kept me going from day to day. I loved reading and writing since I was young, and my big idea when I was eleven was that someday I would write a book about what I had been through. I’m really proud of myself for following through on that goal, and so thankful for the messages and emails I get from girls who said the book has helped them.

Q. Who would you cast as Jasmine if "Destined to Fail" ever became a movie?  Why?

I had to think a while about this one. I think my final answer is Dakota Fanning. That girl is one special talent.

Q. Do you think that you're just like Jasmine or the exact opposite of her?

I think Jasmine is a lot more into fashion and clothes than I am (I work from home so you can usually find me in my pajamas or workout gear) and much more of a “mother hen” then I am. But I did major in travel in college like her.

Q. At what age did you realize that writing was something you wanted to pursue?

I have loved reading since I learned how to do it. I think when I was eleven I really knew it was for me, but I was writing my own stories even before then. I still have boxes full of floppy discs featuring some of my first works. In high school, I realized that not everyone could pull together an essay like I could, and that maybe it was something I should pursue. I did go to college and get a degree in business because I thought becoming an author was just a fantasy, but I’m glad I never gave up on what is truly my passion.

Q. What is the most rewarding thing about being a writer?  What is the most challenging part?

I think the most rewarding thing for me is on a personal level. I gave myself a goal and never gave up on something I really wanted for myself. That is pretty special to me. It is also so rewarding when I get an email from a girl saying she got out of an abusive relationship after reading Destined, or helped a friend turn in someone who was abusing her. That is the whole reason behind the book, so knowing that it’s working still blows my mind.

The most challenging part for me is a time issue. I work full-time and then also run a business on the side, so it seems I never have enough hours in the day. I became very good quickly at learning time management...and coordinating my daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists!

Q. What are you currently reading?

I am reading Willow Pond by Carol Tibaldi for her tour with CLP Blog Tours.

Q. How many books have you read for this year?  How many books would you like to read this year?

Great questions! I think I have read just over 60 books for the year so far, and have reviewed 52 on Chick Lit Plus. I think last year it was around 130 books...I I’m hoping to double it! (That would be crazy hard!) I usually read around 3 books a week :)

Q. What are your hopes and dreams for Marching Ink LLC?

I would love to be a big ole publishing company. A huge, huge, massive dream would be to one day have a book on the New York Times Best Seller List – that would be incredible! I would just love to be able to work full-time for Marching Ink and really make it a known name in the publishing world :)

Q. What inspired the idea for your successful website, Chick Lit Plus?

My passion for books. After I graduated college, I told myself to get back to pursuing what I really loved. I had already started writing what would later become Destined to Fail, and I thought maybe getting an online presence could help – I thought I could find advice and helpful tips from others. I had no idea that a blog could morph into what my experience has been. Starting CLP was my best idea ever, hands down. The encouragement, support, friendships that have come from the book community is simply overwhelming. I am so lucky.

Q. If there was any book you could read over and over, what would it be, and why?

I don’t know how many times I have read Kristy’s Great Idea, the first book in the Baby-Sitters Club series by Ann M. Martin. I would love to re-read it now and see what I think :)

Q. What can your fans expect from you next?

My next title, The Green Ticket will be out in the fall of this year. Marching Ink will also be publishing Breaking the Rules by debut author Cat Lavoie in August, and I am so excited for that. I also have a new website under development, and I can’t wait to share more information on that shortly!

Q. Are you more confident about "The Green Ticket" than you were about "Destined to Fail"?

Awesome question. And actually, yes, I think I am. I think it’s always intimidating doing something for the first time, so I feel more confident about the publishing process this time around. And Green is much more fiction, and I really loved being able to be more creative with this process. I’m super excited to share this story with everyone!

Q. A couple months ago I read your response to Jodi Picoult saying "DO NOT SELF PUBLISH,” and you made some really great points when you said reading that quote was like thinking, "DO NOT FOLLOW YOUR DREAMS."  What advice would you give to people out there who are actually considering self-publishing?

Do your research, and if it’s for you, do it. Self-publishing is not for everyone, and that’s okay. You are your biggest fan, biggest contributor, hardest worker, etc, etc. But we live in a world now where people make their own opportunities. Make yours.

Q. What advice do you have for aspiring writers?

Write, and keep on writing. I can’t tell you how many times I hear someone say, “I have a great idea for a book but I can’t find the time to write.” Make time. I work 15 hours a day, and sometimes I can write for 2 of those hours, sometimes I can write for 30 minutes. Doesn’t matter, just do it. No one is going to write the book for you.
Samantha's Bio:
Samantha March fell in love with books at a young age. Thanks to her mother and grandmother, both avid readers, Samantha followed in their footsteps. Field trips to the library highlighted her week, and she went on to do volunteer work at her local library while in middle school. Her early works closely resembled characters from The Baby-Sitters Club and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movies. In high school, Samantha excelled in writing courses and even the mundane tasks of writing history papers.

A slew of real work wake-up calls caused Samantha to shelve her dream of becoming an author. She took what she considered the practical route and enrolled in a business college in Des Moines, Iowa, where she graduated with honors in 2009. But her thoughts of writing never dissolved. In October of 2009, Samantha started the book blog From her small blog, Samantha meant fellow readers and writers who pushed her to continue her goal of becoming published.

Destined to Fail is the debut novel from Samantha March, and was published by Marching Ink in October 2011. Samantha currently lives in West Des Moines, IA with her boyfriend and jumbled cast of friends who help inspire her writing. Besides reading, writing, and ChickLitPlus responsibilities, Samantha enjoys sports- especially the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs- and will never refuse ice cream.

Visit her website at or connect with her at:

Click here to purchase your copy of "Destined to Fail" today and here to learn more about Marching Ink.


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Thank you so much for having me! :)

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Thank you for joining me! I really enjoyed it!! :)

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Awesome interview! :) I love your advice for aspiring authors. So true! Really looking forward to The Green Ticket! said...

Just now reading this post. LOOOOOVE Samantha! She's the BEST editor! :) She edited my last release, "The Last Name Banks" and re edited my first book, "The Last Page". I can't wait to see her publishing dreams come true with Marching Ink. She reads more books than anyone I know and truly knows her stuff. Not only is she knowledgeable, she is kind and encouraging with sharing! Great interview! and Congrats, Cat! Looking forward to your release! :) My cat looks just your cat, too! btw :) Great questions, Josie!

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Great interview!