Saturday, July 20, 2013

Review: Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes

Title:  Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes
Author:  Nancy Naigle
Genre:  Contemporary Romance
Publisher:  Montlake Romance
Release Date:  July 9, 2013
File Size/Pages:  754 KB/258 pgs
Source:  NetGalley

My Rating:  5/5

Summary:  Welcome to Adams Grovewhere the wedding cakes are sweet, but the recipe is murder. For years, Carolanne Baxter dreamed of a life beyond Adams Grove. Being the daughter of the town drunk was no picnic, so when college offered her a chance for escape, she took it. Now Carolanne has returned home, finally ready to make amends with her father, Ben, and to celebrate the wedding of her best friends Jill and Garrett. Of course, the fact that Connor Buckham, her sexy new law partner and Garrett’s best man, happens to be the same guy the town matchmaker named as Carolanne’s perfect matchwell! That’s just icing on the cake. But Carolanne’s hopes for a fresh start are dashed when a dead body surfaces during Jill and Garrett’s wedding receptionand Ben Baxter becomes the prime suspect. The murder throws the town into uproar, threatening to destroy the tentative peace between father and daughter—and to derail the budding romance between Carolanne and Connor. Has the matchmaker’s perfect streak come to end? Or will the truth finally bring Carolanne the happy ending she’s dreamed of for so long?

Review:  I received this novel from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review, and I loved it! The book begins with Carolanne Baxter getting fitted for her bridesmaid's dress that she's going to wear in a few days for her best friend, Jill's wedding. Carolanne is different than most female characters I've read about recently. She isn't looking for love, she's content with work being the only thing that she has, and she seems to know exactly what she wants from life...except for when Connor Buckham is around. Needing to prove Pearl's vision of her and Connor being the perfect couple wrong, she puts up a facade as if Connor doesn't matter. I found it completely interesting that Carolanne's uneasiness towards relationships were due to her mother's death and how her father reacted to her mother's death. During Jill and Garrett's wedding, a dead body turns up, and I wasn't expecting. Even though it clearly states in the description that a body turns up during the reception, I still wasn't expecting it. I was wondering who the person would be? When it would turn up? Who would find the body? I couldn't wait to find out all of this information. I don't want to give the entire novel away, but I wasn't expecting the way things would turn out with the murder. Overall, I loved this novel; it had the right amount of romance, spunk, and suspense for me. Definitely a must read!

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Saw this one on Goodreads and really wanted to read it. Glad you loved it!