Thursday, March 29, 2012

Review: Fairy Tale Flirts!

Title:  Fairy Tale Flirts!
Author:  Lisa Scott
Genre:  Romance
Publisher:  Amazon Digital Services
Release date:  January 17, 2012
File Size/Pages:  654 kb/154 pgs
Source:  Bought
Challenge(s)Personal A-Z Challenge; eBook Challenge

My Rating:  5/5

Summary:  Five modern takes on classic fairy tales, and the only magic is the real-life kind. Each sweet, funny, romantic short story is 10,000-13,000 words in length. The stories can be read separately, but are linked together in the collection, and wrap up in the perfect happily ever after. Stories include:  Cindi, Red, Belle, Snow, and Goldie.

Review: I have been waiting to read this book for FOREVER and I finally got around to it!!  Fairy Tale Flirts! has 5 different short stories by Lisa Scott into one book; each short story can be bought separately, but I think it's a better deal if you buy this collection.  Each story is just like the fairy tale that we've all grew up with, but it has a modern and realistic twist to them.  For example Cindi (based on Cinderella) wants to go to a Jiminy Shoe trunk show as opposed to a ball.  In "Red", Rose meets up with Mr. Wolff, who she believes is up to no good.  Belle takes over her father's carpentry job at the Prince's home; he hides himself from the world because of his "beast" like features.  In "Snow", she becomes the nanny to Jeremy's seven children.  Last but certainly not least, Goldie takes on the job as a fill in pet-sitter, but not to Blake Behr's knowledge.  All five stories were very cute and I absolutely loved how one character in the story led to the next story.  For example, in "Cindi" Kate Robinson (Red's grandmother) is Hildy's (Cindi's stepmother) next door neighbor.  I thought that aspect of the book was really cute.  If you read this book, I would suggest reading it in the order that it's in, that way you can catch on to little things that are thrown in there from the previous stories.  Also, "Goldie" is sort of like an epilogue to the previous characters in the book; basically it's a story within a story when all the girls meet up at an event.  I would definitely recommend this book to people.


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Josie Ann said...

Hi! It's nice to have you here at eBook Addict!! This book will not disappoint you...I really enjoyed it!!