Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Review: Run Like Hell

Title:  Run Like Hell
Author:  Elena Andrews
Genre:  Young Adult/Thriller
Publisher:  n/a
Release Date:  February 6, 2012
File Size/Pages:  173 KB/135 pgs
Source:  Bought
Challenge(s)Summer Challenge

My Rating:  4/5

Summary:  What if the perfect party plans didn’t work out so perfectly?  In this young adult thriller, seventeen-year-old Morgan Butler is finally alone. Her parent’s are out of town and she has a romantic night planned with her boyfriend after attending the party-of-the-year. And her aunt is conveniently working late and will stop by the following day to check on her.  All her plans are falling into place. But on the way to the party, her car runs out of gas.  Stranded on a dark, desolate road with no money, no gas and a dead cell phone, Morgan makes a decision with dangerous consequences.  Now she must fight, claw, scratch and scream…and then run like hell to survive.  But will she get away?

Review:  Morgan Butler, a 17-year-old Junior in high school, is super excited as she heads to a party in her mother's car.  Everything is working in Morgan's favor:  her Aunt Rory is working late and won't be stopping by the house until tomorrow and her parents are out of town; she's feeling pretty confident, that is until fate intervenes and her mom's car runs out of gas, her iPhone dies, and she is left stranded.  A guy offers her help and at first she rejects, but when he comes back again, she accepts the ride to a gas station.  Accepting a ride from Brian is the worst thing she could ever do, and she's about to find out just how bad things can get find out just how bad things can get.  I really enjoyed this novel, and it only took me half a day to read it.  I enjoyed the main character's relationships with her best friend, Traci, boyfriend, Jack, her Aunt Rory, and even her German Shepherd, Tiger.  I like the fact that Tiger was like her protector, and the fact that it was written in first person point of view.  However, I didn't like how careless Morgan was at times.  If I know someone is after me, I'm not going to carelessly leave my front door open or walk my dog at night without a phone and someone to keep me company.  Overall, I really enjoyed this book!

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